Déjà vu, DEJA BREW
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Paint your dream & a peek behind the crema

When we visited the site, we saw an opportunity to create a cozy haven for coffee lovers seeking an escape from the bustling city. Rather than rebuild everything from scratch, we decided to take a more sustainable, budget-conscious approach that would capture the essence of the space.

The wall was divided horizontally, with the upper half covered in white tiles and the lower half featuring a warm wooden surface. This juxtaposition became our canvas, as we allowed the artistic painted treatments to flow organically from the tiles down onto the wood. The interplay of materials and media created a sense of movement and fluidity, inviting customers to let their minds drift between the tangible and the ethereal.

Furnishings were carefully selected to enhance the multiverse theme, including mirrored surfaces with holographic accents that reflect and refract light, creating an ever-shifting sense of reality.

To complement these design elements, we opted for a soft, inviting color palette of creamy whites, muted blues, and delicate bisque shades - reminiscent of a Parisian patisserie. Artistic wall treatments, hand-drawn illustrations, and vintage-inspired lighting add layers of character, making the space feel both familiar and just a little bit extraordinary.

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Déjà vu